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Outside? You mean, like, in public?

It’s not that I can’t handle going out. It’s not that the kids can’t handle going out.

We just don’t do it all that often.

The kids go to school, I get stuff done around the house, Buttercup takes a huge nap in the middle of the day. The kids come home, undo all the work I’ve done, I make a mess in the kitchen, maybe some of it gets fixed and then we go to bed just to do it all over again. If we’re going somewhere, it’s because we NEED to go somewhere. Soccer practice, groceries, church, games. The Hubs goes to work, I tutor here and there. So yesterday, when I needed to buy face wash (the Hubs and I use the same products), Buttercup and I went to the “Star Department Store” (they don’t need my endorsement, anyway!). It took all of five minutes to get what I needed, and that definitely didn’t justify the 30-minute drive. We had nowhere to be, so we walked the rest of the mall.
(I posted the following on my Facebook, but I would like to take this opportunity to flesh out my thoughts a little bit…)

1) Wow, it’s been a long time since I just walked through a mall. Being a Jersey Girl, many an afternoon during my high school years was spent walking the corridors of nearby malls. My HSBFF (now a sister-in-law) and I would try on dresses with no intention to buy them, eat cheese fries in the food court, and people-watch to our hearts’ content. Many of my dates with the Hubs included walks through malls talking about our future. But since our future included 4 kids and lay-offs, shopping for the sake of was not much of an option. So the mall became a thing of the past.
2) I had no idea that Sur la Table was there (see #1) I probably spent 20 minutes in there, looking at French Presses and silicone baking pads. It also did my heart good to know that I have some seriously nice stuff for my current kitchen, tiny and sorry as it is, since there was nothing in that store that I actually needed (I got a pastry blender a couple weeks ago, which really was necessary!).
3) I couldn’t justify a single purchase aside from the one I actually made, so I only bought that one thing (The other thing I was thinking of purchasing I ended up getting a free sample). I would have LOVED to have gotten ALL the things!! There was an adorable kid-size apron, some clever coffee mugs, and really great cutting boards. But money is a concern.
4) I kinda dig how unabashedly the Disney Store splits its merchandise along gender lines. Princess stuff on the right, Lightning McQueen on the left. I think it just makes it easier to find exactly what you want for a particular kid. Your kid likes Doc McStuffins– boom. Toy Story is your nephew’s fave– bang. It’s fantastic.
5) I would like a new set of pajamas for Mother’s Day–shirt and shorts/capris, please. I saw a nice set as I was leaving the department store. I don’t wear nightgowns, and my pajama pants bunch up around my knees, which is kinda annoying.
6) Jules needs more ‘everyday’ earrings. We’ve lost a couple earrings, so we need new ones that I can put in to “change things up” every so often. I found some, but I just didn’t buy them.
7) I want the earring holes I used to have pierced again. I used to have two in my right ear, two in my left and one more in the cartilage in the top of my left ear. I had custom-made earrings for my wedding. But I was working in Catholic schools, and the number of holes in my ear were a sticking point with my boss, so I allowed the 2nd and 3rd holes to close up. Who am I out to impress now? I liked them; I want them back.
8) My wrist smells like Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea fragrance. And I like it (however, see #3). Seriously: I have spent YEARS trying to use up all the soaps and lotions I own! I gave myself a manicure just to use some products. So I don’t care if you buy one, get 15 free– I’m staying out of that store for a while longer. I don’t even love giving them as gifts– fragrance can be such a personal thing.
9) I stayed away from Old Navy on purpose, because #3 would have most likely gone out the window. I love clothes from Old Navy, and I could probably use a 2nd pair of jeans, or a dress for Toughie’s First Communion, or a new outfit for Buttercup, or extra pants for the Regulator. That’s when I was pretty sure our time at the mall was over.
10) Those KFC Go-Cups are a perfectly reasonable meal. For $2.99, I got 2 chicken tenders and a handful of potato wedges. Add in a lemonade for another dollar, and that’s lunch! Let’s be honest: do we ever NEED all the fries we get in the average fast food meal? I was hungry before I bought it and I was no longer hungry after I ate it. I’d totally get that again.  11) I’m totally doing laundry an hour earlier than yesterday because I got my butt out the door and to the mall. I get sucked into the Today Show and subsequently most other TV shows over the course of the day. But the fact that I really wanted to get to the mall set me off on my day earlier than usual.

Here’s to shopping without buying and buying without guilt.