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Mission: Incidental

I was never one for schedules when it came to my babies. Older kids, sure: makes sense when they are actually cognizant of the fact that time moves forward and things need doing. I didn’t do the “sleep schedule” thing when my kids were little because I just felt it was asking for trouble. My kids slept through the night within a few months, and that was the only schedule I worried about. Sleeping was never a big deal to me with my boys, either: that was the day care’s problem. 

Now that I’m home with Buttercup, it’s a whole other story. For someone who doesn’t have to “perform for an audience” anymore, it drives me up the wall when I can’t get the usual amount of sleep (but I’m up with her if she gets up, because the Hubs does have to face a not-so-adoring public most of the time– if he happens to have the next day off, he’ll take over for me). And it doesn’t phase me much, usually: she would take a 5-hour nap smack dab in the middle of the day, and I would be free to get a bunch of stuff done (you know, like check Facebook and watch talk shows). 

Recently, she’s been waking up after only two hours. Not cool. Even less cool is how cranky she gets at the end of the day. The other day she conked out at 6pm after hours of crankiness. Subsequently she woke at about 1am– fun. (HINT: not.fun.at.all.)

So today I’m trying Operation: Double Down. 

7:30 wake up
10:00 Nap #1
12:30 Wake up for lunch
2:00 Nap #2

So far, so good. I don’t think she’s into the second nap bit, but I’m sure she’ll come around.


(Because clearly, she needs more rest if she thinks this is how to use a chair…)

Here’s to social experiments that can be conducted on children!


IN UNRELATED NEWS: This winter has been crazy! If you don’t believe me, check this out. It looks like another big storm is headed our way. I’m actually off to find my cinnamon roll recipe for my bread machine. 



These are the days…

… that make me say, “meh– having 4 kids ain’t so tough!”

I’ve been fighting a hint of the sleep deprivation. It would be easy to blame the Peanut; she routinely wakes up between 4 and 6am. But the fact that I stay up until midnight watching television might be more of the problem.

So it was pretty exciting for me to wake up at 7 with a still-sleeping baby in her crib. She had gone to sleep about 10 the night before, so a solid 9 hours is a sweet deal. Sent the older boys off to school, and had my breakfast. The hubs and I checked on the baby a couple times; she would shift position, but on she slept. 

She woke up at 9… that’s ELEVEN HOURS after going to bed. And she wasn’t complaining about being hungry. I had taken the Pre-K one to school, so her usual first breakfast food was not around. She sat on her daddy’s lap playing and making faces at him (which he totally loves). I’d swear she’s taller than she was yesterday. 

I got home, fed her, let her play, fed her again, let her play, fed her some more….

And she fell asleep. This happened over less than three hours. I went to get the Pre-K one. She was back in bed when we got home. I took advantage of the time to do the grocery shopping.

She woke up at FIVE. PM. Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

So I’ve fed her and let her play. She seems to be good for now, checking out the basket of unmatched socks.

Meanwhile, the Pre-K one is using a busted old cell phone, pretending to make sales calls or something while the older ones watch Hercules with the hubs. I might not have gotten everything done that I wanted to do… but hey– do I ever? 

Hooray for good mommy days.