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They say it’s your birthday…

(cue Beatles riff!)

I would love to host wonderful birthday parties. Games, prizes, food… my home would look like Pinterest threw up in it four times a year. 

But I live in an apartment. There’s barely room for the 6 of us, let alone a bunch of extra kids the same size as any one of my kids, as well as their parents. So I would have to host a party… elsewhere. 

My mother and mother-in-law have hosted parties, and we have used community centers and other relatives’ homes. Lemme tell ya– bringing ALL the things and ALL the children is not fun. And we always come back with more than we took (presents, much?). So I feel justified in saying that just don’t love holding parties.

There’s always the currently extremely popular trend of “destination parties.” And it’s not just Chuck E. Cheese anymore: Bowling alleys, indoor amusement parks, gyms… hell, my supermarket does cooking class birthday parties! 

I used to be a terrible fuddy-duddy about taking my kids other kids’ parties. I wasn’t about to drive more than 5 miles for a 90-minute outing. But that’s not fair to the kids, so I’ve gone to party after party…after party… a f t e r   p a r t y. . . 

Sure, they’re cool. Mini-golf, kickboxing, swimming… it’s all faboo. Pizza and cake… lovely. But it’s got no personality! And the price gives me heart palpitations! I really dislike the idea of doing this for all my kids every year! Not to mention how many places you have to go to just to get something different.

Don’t get me wrong; my kids love going to these parties, and I never want to deny them a good time if I can help it. But I just cannot bring myself to shell out for the same… well, not again. We did a bowling party once. I hated it. I had no control over the event, and I’m kind of a fan of being in charge.

I’m sticking with cake and coffee for most parties. My nearly 7-year-old is going to be part of a group birthday party for our family. Since his birthday is over summer break, and right before our annual vacation, I’ve never pushed a “friend birthday.” 

It’s a trade-off in my opinion. We make efforts to make sure we have a great vacation and do other day trips throughout the year. We encourage them to participate in sports and other activities that keep their minds and bodies engaged. So if it doesn’t coincide with their birthday… so be it.