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If you say so… (Zero to Hero, Day 28)

If you say so... (Zero to Hero, Day 28)

Apparently, my photo post of Pope Francis got the most traffic on my blog. Ever.

All my humor and attempted philosophical insight… and a re-post of an Internet meme wins.

Very well, then. Here’s another item in the same vein.


So very appropriate… (Zero to Hero, Day 19)

So very appropriate... (Zero to Hero, Day 19)

Today’s assignment: publish a post using a format you’ve never used before.

I loved this picture so much that I want to save it in my little corner of Teh Interwebz. And it’s so true: Pope Francis says things that are not the least bit radical, but because the world wants to hear him say something different from his predecessors, they interpret them to mean what they want it to mean. If that gets more people listening, then that’s great. But I fear folks will be very disappointed.