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What if I gave this a try?

I’m actually just saving this for later….



How many entries should you include in a portfolio? The answer depends on your purpose. If you are developing an electronic portfolio that will represent your accomplishments as a student, you may include a variety of materials – from essays to problem sets to photos to Web texts to a résumé. In this case, it makes sense to include many kinds of materials because those reviewing your portfolio will click on only those items that interest them. If you are developing a portfolio for your writing class, however, you should probably limit yourself to five to seven examples of your writing. Here are some kinds of writing you might include in such a portfolio: 

  • an academic essay demonstrating your ability to argue a claim or position
  • a personal essay that shows self-insight and demonstrates your ability to paint vivid pictures with words
  • a Web text you have developed on a specific topic
  • a brief report prepared for any class or community project
  • an essay or other writing project showing your ability to analyze and solve a problem
  • your favorite piece of writing vwriting based on field research, library research, or both
  • a piece of writing for a community group, club, or campus publication
  • an example of a collaboratively written document accompanied by a description of how the team worked and what you contributed
  • an example of your best writing on an essay examination
  • a multimedia presentation
  • correspondence, such as a letter of inquiry, an email message, or a job application or résumé

You should also include the assignments for the work you include whenever applicable. If your portfolio is for a writing course, you may be expected to include examples of your notes and early drafts as well as any responses you got from other readers. 

(credit: The Everyday Writer )

Here’s to looking for a new direction


So I guess this is going to be a thing…

First of all, I write for me.

I’m freaking hilarious: that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. My style is being honed here, because I have infinite material (of mine and my husband’s making) and it’s just fun. Now that 25 people officially follow, and a few others just stop by to read, I want to hereby promise that my writing style isn’t about to change. 

But now, I’ve written for an audience– like, on purpose and stuff. I have an article that is going to be published in an online magazine. It was a voluntary venture, but it could lead to more if the opportunities arise. And I was also allowed to advertise my blog in the article, so here’s hoping for an uptick in page views. (When will you be able to see it, you ask? Oh, don’t worry– I’ll tell ya. I’ll probably post the link here when the issue goes live.)

I was given a draft of my article to see online… and my reaction was very much like what I posted about before: “Is that what I sound like?” I think I need to practice my formal writing style a little more. I had always focused more on how students write and not so much on what I have to say. But this blog, and now this gorgeous magazine, give me the chance to focus on me, something moms don’t do nearly enough.

So thank you, Beverly and all the folks at Regina magazine. What a great experience. Image