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Can you dig it?

(Woomp! There it is…)

This summer’s kid’s reading program at the library is themed “Dig into Reading.” They got cups, pencils, journals, worksheets, and a paper shovel to decorate that they can hang up in the library. I think the shovel decorating has a contest attached; the weekly worksheets definitely do. Talk about incentives!

Pint-Size Genius got his first library card (Regulator and Toughie got theirs last year) and everybody got a couple books, including me.

summer books
And that’s just a few of them.

Pint-Size Genius has already read almost all the books he borrowed– I guess he caught the reading bug. We’ll be going back soon, and that makes me happy. I think every mom wants her kids to have a love of learning, and loving reading is the surest path to learning.