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Ruh roh…

(NOTE: I wrote this entry last week but something went wrong with the Auto-Save feature. I’m going to try to replicate it as best I can…)

While sitting in the Auditorium waiting for The Hubs to arrive and The Regulator’s Spring Concert to start, I had a rather startling realization:  there were only two weeks left to the school year.

If you lived anywhere– let’s face it, anywhere— this past winter, you’d agree that it didn’t feel as though the school year was ever going to end. But it is, and as usual, I feel woefully unprepared.

I had had such high hopes for this summer– vacations, day trips, and a move to a glorious house in suburbia. But alas, this was not to be. I’ve been tutoring here and there, but it doesn’t pull in all that much. The big vacation is already paid for, but aside from that, I’ll have to wait and see if I land a work-from-home gig that Mrs. Legal Lawyer told me about. If I don’t get that… well.  Can’t feel sorry for myself if that’s the result.

I always say that I’ll get the kids working on their basic skills and reading like crazy over the summer, but that doesn’t really happen, either. The Regulator needs to improve his handwriting like woah, and they could all use more trips to the library. The Hubs and I love books, but we really can’t afford to be buying all of them! The Summer Reading Program at town libraries is pretty great, but we just haven’t been able to keep up  with the assignments. I think we need to spend more time there and get the boys a little more familiar with their reading interests and limitations (why am I bringing home 6 novels per kid?).

And even though we’re not moving, it’s not too early to start preparing. I intend to  start tossing all the stuff we don’t need, maybe even selling what we can. Who knows? We might even be able to be a little happier in the space we have when there’s less stuff in it. We have a storage unit and most of that stuff hasn’t seen the light of day in a couple years!

The Regulator is also transitioning to *gasp* MIDDLE SCHOOL. I hear tell the 5th grade is one of the toughest years in our school system. Probably just as well that we’re not moving anywhere… he’s not one to handle stress. I want to prepare him, though: study skills, note taking, organization. Things that will make the actual content a non-issue (which it pretty much is– he’s above average intelligence-wise and I have the objective test results to prove it).

There’s always swimming and soccer, and maybe if we can squeeze in a day trip, it’ll be a grand time. Anything to keep them from being plugged in all damn day.  Anything to keep them from making a royal mess of our home.


Oh… if I use this. Poor boys won’t know what hit them! They’re downright lucky we don’t have a pet (or a farmstead, for that matter… how the heck old is this list?!?!).

Here’s to family fun and making memories.


Mission: Incidental

I was never one for schedules when it came to my babies. Older kids, sure: makes sense when they are actually cognizant of the fact that time moves forward and things need doing. I didn’t do the “sleep schedule” thing when my kids were little because I just felt it was asking for trouble. My kids slept through the night within a few months, and that was the only schedule I worried about. Sleeping was never a big deal to me with my boys, either: that was the day care’s problem. 

Now that I’m home with Buttercup, it’s a whole other story. For someone who doesn’t have to “perform for an audience” anymore, it drives me up the wall when I can’t get the usual amount of sleep (but I’m up with her if she gets up, because the Hubs does have to face a not-so-adoring public most of the time– if he happens to have the next day off, he’ll take over for me). And it doesn’t phase me much, usually: she would take a 5-hour nap smack dab in the middle of the day, and I would be free to get a bunch of stuff done (you know, like check Facebook and watch talk shows). 

Recently, she’s been waking up after only two hours. Not cool. Even less cool is how cranky she gets at the end of the day. The other day she conked out at 6pm after hours of crankiness. Subsequently she woke at about 1am– fun. (HINT: not.fun.at.all.)

So today I’m trying Operation: Double Down. 

7:30 wake up
10:00 Nap #1
12:30 Wake up for lunch
2:00 Nap #2

So far, so good. I don’t think she’s into the second nap bit, but I’m sure she’ll come around.


(Because clearly, she needs more rest if she thinks this is how to use a chair…)

Here’s to social experiments that can be conducted on children!


IN UNRELATED NEWS: This winter has been crazy! If you don’t believe me, check this out. It looks like another big storm is headed our way. I’m actually off to find my cinnamon roll recipe for my bread machine. 


Who’s the boss?

Generally speaking, I’m the Switzerland of Mommy Wars. I understand that everyone has the right to choose what is best for them. To be honest, there are times when I have been on both sides of a particular issue (I’m a stay-at-home-mom now, but I worked with the other three babies; I nurse, but my babies turned me down before they could go to cow’s milk, so we ended up with formula; I’m no stickler for organic foods, but the cute little pouches are so dang convenient!).

I think the only thing I’m vehement about is keeping a schedule… or, rather, not keeping a schedule. I never forced my kids to take naps, and I certainly never made it so that my kids only slept in a bassinet or crib. If I’m out somewhere, and the baby falls asleep in her car seat, I’ll finish what I was doing and bring her home. If she’s till asleep, she stays in the car seat in the house. Maybe she takes 2, 3-hour naps; maybe she takes 5, 1/2 hour naps. The boys are not required to be silent when she’s sleeping, just as I never required that of myself or anyone in our home when the boys were nappers. The children do not run the house: never have, never will. I found putting them on a schedule was only putting me on a schedule.

Besides, we live with enough of a schedule anyway. School, soccer, church, parties… why add to that?

(NOTE: this is NOT about sleep training. If you’re teaching your child to sleep through the night, rock on, Gurl.)