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Corned Beef… hashtag?

I own a Crock Pot. You might have a slow cooker, but I have the real, copyrighted, RIval Crock Pot (c). Growing up, we never had one. I guess if my parents wanted to cook something low and slow, they just used the oven. Or maybe they just didn’t *do* low and slow.

But I got one when I got married… and I hadn’t the first clue as to how to use it. How much apple cider can we drink? Does soup really need to stay hot that long? Eventually I tried out a couple recipes I had gotten, but I never really embraced Crock Pot usage. Enter the domestic diva who was my best bud in HS, and who happened to marry my brother-in-law.  She has worked as hard as I have in the babymaking department– harder even, because they’re all closer together in age and birthed surgically. So anything she does that saves her time and headache is well worth anyone’s time.

It started as a fluke, really. She and I happened to decide to throw stuff in the Crock Pot on a Tuesday morning for dinner. And because we love social media, we talked about it on Facebook. I hailed it as Crock Pot Tuesday. She asked, “Is that a thing?” to which I replied, “It is now!”

Facebook has subsequently begun highlighting and encouraging hashtags (you know, those phrases marked with the (#)…). I was a touch resistant, because I only use them on Twitter, and don’t do Instagram. But it is really great to sort of advertise our new hobby and show commitment. So now we can talk about #CrockPotTuesday.

The Crock Pot is a good way to keep things cool but yummy in the kitchen over the summer– heck of a lot better than cranking up the oven! I’ve made pot roast, pulled pork, chicken alfredo… and quite frankly, I’m running out of ideas! I have the official Crock Pot cookbook, but have zero desire to stock up on tapioca. But I’m keeping my eyes open online and with some friends. Here’s to great cooking and great evenings at homeImage(ummm… I’mma gonna have to scoop out the grease. But otherwise this looks as good as it smells!)