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Let’s get loud!

If a cannibal ate his way through Hollywood, why would he eat Jennifer Lopez last?

Because there’s always room for J-Lo!


Ok, yeah that was bad. I just used it as an introduction to my little discussion on weight loss. Jennifer Lopez has created a weight loss program called BodyLab that mainly comprises of an app for food and workout tracking and, if you really want to, some “supplement capsules.” I just like that I can make my own workout, pick my own food, and if I don’t want to use particular products, I don’t have to.

I’ve been intellectually conscious of the fact that I should lose weight, in the context of just trying to take better care of myself. But I truly believe that lots of things actually do taste better than how skinny feels. That’s probably because I have no freaking clue how skinny feels, but I know how bacon tastes (and donuts, and cake).

So as I said yesterday, summer is just about here, and that includes bathing suits and picnics. Most years, I get to this point and say, “oh well! I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to look better!” But this year, I chose to tell myself, “well, I’m sure I can do *something* now.”

Today was day 3 walking on the track. Two miles Monday, one mile Tuesday, and two miles today. At this rate, I’ll be walking 8 miles a week. It’s not a lot, especially since it’s walking, but it’s more than I did last week. And I broke down and bought the BodyLab “7 Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit” (TM). It was only $20, and I’m pretty sure I won’t have to buy it repeatedly. It’s supposed to “detox and cleanse” and “rev up the metabolism,” but if it does ANYTHING more than I would have done without it, it’s worth it to me. But I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Here’s to being more comfortable with myself. And maybe Jennifer Lopez’s butt.


Getting rid of the big

I was never a skinny kid. My parents put me in soccer to make sure I was healthy. I have the quads to prove it. 

I loved archery in gym class. Built up my arms in the process. 

Took a weight training course in high school. I held the record in my class for a leg press max (over 400 lbs.; the boys in the class couldn’t do half that). Again with the quads.

I was in marching band all through high school, even marching one summer tour with a drum and bugle corps. So now I also have calves that just won’t quit. Makes it really hard to get boots that fit.

I’m not what a late co-worker of mine called “sloppy fat.” People who weigh what I weigh are usually about 2-3 sizes bigger. That’s because of my muscle mass. I will most likely never get down to my ideal weight for my height. Not without having some organs removed.

I’ve dieted; I’ve exercised. I’ve given up carbs; I’ve given up sweets. But I just can’t get rid of all my big. (I’ve gotten rid of some of it– that’s where the post title comes from. I had a pair of shorts that I thought I was going to have to get rid of because I was too big for them. But now they fit.)

I don’t love being the heaviest person in my family. The hubs is a naturally skinny guy, and the kids seem to have all taken after him to a certain extent. I don’t have to worry about my children being made fun of for being the “fat kid.” But it bugs me that my clothes are so big and I don’t feel pretty in most of them.

I’m still a food supply for Buttercup, and the hubs tells me that I shouldn’t worry about losing weight until she gives me up permanently. And I know that I’m healthy: I can keep up with my kids, and life doesn’t wear me out. Diabetes runs in my family, but I seem to be dodging the bullet. I love to work out, but it just doesn’t look like it’s doing anything.

Then yesterday, I hurt myself. I was running through the rain and sprained my ankle. I don’t think I would be in so much pain if there was less of me to land on my ankle. 

Am I discouraging myself? The monthly charge to the gym that will go on for at least the next 8 months should help to prevent that. I just know something needs to change or I really will get discouraged.