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Ruh roh…

(NOTE: I wrote this entry last week but something went wrong with the Auto-Save feature. I’m going to try to replicate it as best I can…)

While sitting in the Auditorium waiting for The Hubs to arrive and The Regulator’s Spring Concert to start, I had a rather startling realization:  there were only two weeks left to the school year.

If you lived anywhere– let’s face it, anywhere— this past winter, you’d agree that it didn’t feel as though the school year was ever going to end. But it is, and as usual, I feel woefully unprepared.

I had had such high hopes for this summer– vacations, day trips, and a move to a glorious house in suburbia. But alas, this was not to be. I’ve been tutoring here and there, but it doesn’t pull in all that much. The big vacation is already paid for, but aside from that, I’ll have to wait and see if I land a work-from-home gig that Mrs. Legal Lawyer told me about. If I don’t get that… well.  Can’t feel sorry for myself if that’s the result.

I always say that I’ll get the kids working on their basic skills and reading like crazy over the summer, but that doesn’t really happen, either. The Regulator needs to improve his handwriting like woah, and they could all use more trips to the library. The Hubs and I love books, but we really can’t afford to be buying all of them! The Summer Reading Program at town libraries is pretty great, but we just haven’t been able to keep up  with the assignments. I think we need to spend more time there and get the boys a little more familiar with their reading interests and limitations (why am I bringing home 6 novels per kid?).

And even though we’re not moving, it’s not too early to start preparing. I intend to  start tossing all the stuff we don’t need, maybe even selling what we can. Who knows? We might even be able to be a little happier in the space we have when there’s less stuff in it. We have a storage unit and most of that stuff hasn’t seen the light of day in a couple years!

The Regulator is also transitioning to *gasp* MIDDLE SCHOOL. I hear tell the 5th grade is one of the toughest years in our school system. Probably just as well that we’re not moving anywhere… he’s not one to handle stress. I want to prepare him, though: study skills, note taking, organization. Things that will make the actual content a non-issue (which it pretty much is– he’s above average intelligence-wise and I have the objective test results to prove it).

There’s always swimming and soccer, and maybe if we can squeeze in a day trip, it’ll be a grand time. Anything to keep them from being plugged in all damn day.  Anything to keep them from making a royal mess of our home.


Oh… if I use this. Poor boys won’t know what hit them! They’re downright lucky we don’t have a pet (or a farmstead, for that matter… how the heck old is this list?!?!).

Here’s to family fun and making memories.


Follow me! I have no idea what I’m doing!

I love social media. I love posting, commenting, sharing, liking, and following.

And I try to be careful about it. No Facebook friends that I don’t know personally. No pictures of the kids’ faces on the blog.  Privacy settings and blocking whenever possible and necessary. 

As such, I place a high value on the act of following. I have no problem “unfollowing” people if they bother me. And I am truly thankful for all the people who choose to follow me, on my blog, my Twitter feed, even on Pinterest (which I don’t use much).

There are currently 72 official followers of my blog, and that is so cool. I hope you’re enjoying it. Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you think of the posts or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Here’s to strangers: the friends I just haven’t met yet.

Changing it up

I have the sinking feeling that I say the same stuff over and over. Is it always about Crock Pots and cleaning? Weight and weird music?
Talking about the kids, that’s the most important thing to me. They’re kind of my true audience. I don’t think I always show them that even the smallest things they do are important to me. But they are… which is why I chronicle them here. Or, why I should be chronicling them here.
So here’s to a new page getting turned.  Or in this case, a new Web page getting refreshed.

What if I gave this a try?

I’m actually just saving this for later….



How many entries should you include in a portfolio? The answer depends on your purpose. If you are developing an electronic portfolio that will represent your accomplishments as a student, you may include a variety of materials – from essays to problem sets to photos to Web texts to a résumé. In this case, it makes sense to include many kinds of materials because those reviewing your portfolio will click on only those items that interest them. If you are developing a portfolio for your writing class, however, you should probably limit yourself to five to seven examples of your writing. Here are some kinds of writing you might include in such a portfolio: 

  • an academic essay demonstrating your ability to argue a claim or position
  • a personal essay that shows self-insight and demonstrates your ability to paint vivid pictures with words
  • a Web text you have developed on a specific topic
  • a brief report prepared for any class or community project
  • an essay or other writing project showing your ability to analyze and solve a problem
  • your favorite piece of writing vwriting based on field research, library research, or both
  • a piece of writing for a community group, club, or campus publication
  • an example of a collaboratively written document accompanied by a description of how the team worked and what you contributed
  • an example of your best writing on an essay examination
  • a multimedia presentation
  • correspondence, such as a letter of inquiry, an email message, or a job application or résumé

You should also include the assignments for the work you include whenever applicable. If your portfolio is for a writing course, you may be expected to include examples of your notes and early drafts as well as any responses you got from other readers. 

(credit: The Everyday Writer )

Here’s to looking for a new direction

Zero to Hero, Day 22:


Today’s challenge: Find a blogging event (try our Blog Event Listings) and throw your hat into the ring.

I used to be the one making these up for students; the tables have turned, and that’s ok. After scanning the listings at the linky-thingy, this is the one I chose.


Event Type: Fiction & Flash Fiction, Poetry

Start Date: Sunday, recurring weekly

Description: The ONLY “rule” is that you use the picture I’ve posted to make the story (or poem — yes, yes; I’ll also allow poetry). That’s it.

You don’t even have to do a story as such, it could be a thought, a memory or a feeling that you get from it, basically anything involving words.

Please comment on the photo post with a link back to your story/poem/whatever you wrote, so that I can link the credits on the following challenge.

OrganizerCognitive Reflection

Visit blog on Sundays for a photo and full event details.

At the very least, it’s yet another blog to follow on my reader (which is good, because it’s been looking a little unbalanced in there). 

Here’s to keeping a commitment to myself and my audience (which still humbles the heck out of me). 

Zero to Hero, 7 AND 8: Double the pleasure, double the fun!

(…half the posting responsibility!)

I didn’t have to post for day 7, but I putzed around with my theme’s colors.

Today’s assignment: create an About page, or revisit and improve the one you have.

Hang on– let’s take a look at what we have…

After earning two degrees in Education and spending ten years in both private and public schools, The incident-prone SAHM is spending her days changing diapers and correcting elementary level grammar mistakes. Catholic, Libertarian, and too serious for her own good, she tries each day to approach her husband and children with patience and humor. This blog chronicles the successes and failures of that approach.

I’d like to take a minute and thank all my English teachers for allowing me to develop a sense of writing style so that every piece of advice offered has already been heeded. I’ve said about Education Reform, I’m a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” and my education never needed fixing.

So– how about I turn it over to you folks. Some of the folks who read my blog are people I know personally; others just happened upon my blog, especially with the Zero to Hero Challenge. If any of you have any really pressing questions that I can answer and add to my About page in the process, feel free. I’d love to hear from you, seriously.

Here’s to knowing what I’m all about.

Zero to Hero, Day 1

(Ok– I’m behind already… Winter Storm Hercules threw me for a loop.)

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

OK, I can do that.

I’m a stay-at-home mom to four kids who is a lot less stressed than when I was a work-outside-the-home mom to three kids. A friend of a friend told me that she thought I was the most happy, laid-back mom she knows and I ought to share with the world how I do it. I don’t know if I’ve really done that with this blog so far, but that was the original intent. I do have delusions dreams that I can become a famous “Mommy Blogger” and would love to have a great following and interesting feedback. 

I’m also looking to hone my writing style, in hopes of becoming a published writer. That would be amazing. My dad asked me once (the first time I got laid off), “Why don’t you just write a book?” I would never have thought it could be that easy. But that question has been stuck in my head for years. It just might be time to make that happen.

Here’s to a new year, and dreams that can be within reach.

So I guess this is going to be a thing…

First of all, I write for me.

I’m freaking hilarious: that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. My style is being honed here, because I have infinite material (of mine and my husband’s making) and it’s just fun. Now that 25 people officially follow, and a few others just stop by to read, I want to hereby promise that my writing style isn’t about to change. 

But now, I’ve written for an audience– like, on purpose and stuff. I have an article that is going to be published in an online magazine. It was a voluntary venture, but it could lead to more if the opportunities arise. And I was also allowed to advertise my blog in the article, so here’s hoping for an uptick in page views. (When will you be able to see it, you ask? Oh, don’t worry– I’ll tell ya. I’ll probably post the link here when the issue goes live.)

I was given a draft of my article to see online… and my reaction was very much like what I posted about before: “Is that what I sound like?” I think I need to practice my formal writing style a little more. I had always focused more on how students write and not so much on what I have to say. But this blog, and now this gorgeous magazine, give me the chance to focus on me, something moms don’t do nearly enough.

So thank you, Beverly and all the folks at Regina magazine. What a great experience. Image